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The 2013 COCA Awards; Official Nominees List + Event Details

Culled from CampusHeat

The Official Nominees List for the 2013 COCA Awards Hosted by One of Ahmadu Bello Universiy, Zaria's Most Prominent Rave Clubs - CODE S95 is finally OUT!

The CODE OF CONDUCT' AWARDS (COCA) is an event which the club uses to recognize and celebrate students in A.B.U who have conducted themselves in a respectable, yet cool manner (applies for all the categories) through out the course of the session.

It Goes LIVE on the 7th of June, 2013 @ The Kongo Conference Hotel (KCH).

The Nominees List Below..

1. Mz Cordiality

Bernadett (300 Level; Economics)
Winifred (3oo Level; Pharmacy)
Safiya (400 Level; Economics)
Iye (500 Level; Engineering)

2. Perfect Gentleman

Chykdee (500 Level; Engineering)
Charles (500 Level; Engineering)
Seun (400 Level; Medicine)
Babzy (500 Level; Engineering)

3. Hottie of The Year

Hafsat (400 Level; Chemistry)
Dorcas (300 Level; International Studiess)
Rukie (200 Level; Law)
Laila (2oo Level; International Studies)
Toyosi (300 Level; Thap)

4. Chic Magnet

Rimam (500 Level; Law)
Terse (300 Level; BS)
Ameh (300 Level; Engineering)
speaker (300 Level; Political Science)
Emeka (500 Level; Water Res. Engine)

5. Bonnie & Clyde

Faked & Asmau
Jboy & Amina
okoi & Grace
kelion & fiona

6. Ms Trendy (Kongo)

Gatida (300 Level; Law)
Tina (400 Level; Law)
Habiba (300 Level; Law)
Hadiza shata (500 Level; Law)

7. Mr Trendy (Kongo)

Raymond (300 Level; Law)
Jeremiah (200 Level; Business Administration)
Peter (100 Level; Accounting)
Shinki (400 Level; Law)

8. Ms Trendy (Samaru)

Queen (200 Level; English)
Hadrex (300 Level; Mass Communication)
Didi (400 Level; Economics)
Awa (400 Level; Micro-biology)
Zulay (200 Level; Building)

9. Mr Trendy (Samaru)

Rex (200 Level; Geography)
Praise (200 Level; Geography
Trueson (300 Level; Thap)
Api boi (300 Level; Thap)
Seun (400 Level; Medicine)

10. Best Event Concept

Euphoria Fashion Show
Lol (Blueprint)
Adrenaline Fashion Show (Loom Rep)
Twitter Party (Curve)
Bum Short Party (Synergy)

11. Most Beautiful

Madina (100 Level; Mass Communication)
Maryam (200 Level; Law)
Rajja (200 Level; Architecture)
Sajida (200 Level; Economics)
Dorcas (300 Level; Political Science)

12. Most Handsome

Ufedo (500 Level; Engineering)
Charles(500 Level; Engineering)
Ashraf (500 Level; Engineering)
Ameh (300 Level; Engineering)
Victor (500 Level; Engineering)

13. Novice To Notice (Male)

Andrei (100 Level; Statistics)
Habib (100 Level; Engineering)
John (100 Level; Architecture)
Zheeno (100 Level; Mass Communication)
Gabriel (100 Level; Biology)

14. Novice To Notice (Female)

Mercy (100 Level; Mass Communication)
Linda (100 Level; Water Res. Engine)
Nazifa (100 Level; Political Science)
Faiza (100 Level; Economics)
Sadiya (100 Level; Chemical Engineering)

15. Most Enterprising Student

Hadiza Shata (500 Level; Law)
Abu (200 Level; Geography)
Ezekiel (200 Level; I.D)
Lubem (500 Level; Engineering)
Boi Phill (400 Level; URP)

16. Best Clique Of Friends (Male)

Nath, Lase & Co
BHP Bois
Rayd, Pharooq & Co
James, Yayo & Co
Kala, Shinki & Co

17. Best Clique Of Friends (Female)

Meemah, Zara & Co
Hanifa, Naseebah & Co
Fatima, Rajja & Co
Dasola, Esther & Co
Loren, Kush & Co

18. Best Chill-Out Spot

Clox Spot
Food Steps/Food Stepz

19. Most Influential

Tony (400 Level; Geography)
Shinki (400 Level; Law)
Topsy (400 Level; English)
Snowflake (400 Level; Geology)
Mono X (400 Level; Mass Communication)

20. Hottest Diploma Student (Male)

Iko (Kongo)
Onyeka (Kongo)
Wale (Kongo)
Musa (Kongo)
Shamma (Samaru)

21. Hottest Diploma Student (Female)

Evelyn (Samaru)
Sophie (Samaru
Rachael (Samaru)
Lola (Samaru)
Hauwa (Kongo)

…Voting Information Out Soon on Campus Heat #StayTuned

Watch out for my review of the list and also the main event! -_-

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