Friday, June 30, 2017

Hotels in Lagos with the Best Reviews

Reviews tell you what other users like yourself who have tried a product really think. Why is it important for you to check reviews before you buy a product or pay for a service? Because it gives insight into the user experience on others and helps you avoid pitfalls. Sometimes these pitfalls may be negligible issues like a wrong description to the business, or major issues like a defective product that would not be replaced or maybe bad customer care service.
Hotels are meant to pamper their guests, give them an entirely different levels of comfort and relaxation, even for 2 or 3 star hotels who may not have the luxury of 5 star hotels on offer, the demands of the hospitality business still means guests has to be treated like royalty, rooms have to be kept clean and the bare necessities should work properly too.
We get hundreds, thousands of reviews on our website on the different hotels we have available from the thousands of customers who book hotels through us. So important is the mechanism of guest reviews that we recently award hotels with the Jumia Travel Customer’s Selection Award 2017, in recognition of hotels with excellent ratings from our guests.

In this post we select Hotels who have some of the best feedback and ratings from customers. Some of the metrics we used was that there should be more than 5 reviews for the hotel, we also only selected among 3-5 star hotels.

Rated 8.8/10

What guests Say: “amazing experience…” “Spacious…” “great value for money…” “beautiful patio bar…” “cheerful staff…”
Room Rate: Starting from N59,405.

Rated 9.1/10

What guests say: “Lovely, neat and quiet location…” “…excellent customer service team” “Soft and comfy bed…”
Room Rate: Starting from N18,000

Rated 9/10

What guests say: “Fantastic hotel and comfortable rooms…” “Great furnishing and ambience…” “…Rooms are too clean, food is awesome…” “Staff were very courteous and always ready to help…”
Room Rate: Starting from N35,000

Rated 9/10

What guests say: “…superb facilities and the conducive environment.” “…room was also clean and big” “The staff was very friendly and courteous…”
Room Rate: Starting from N25,596

Rated 9/10

What guests say: “I'd sure like to visit again.” “Nice hotel with a great staff…” “My stay was really very beautiful…”
Room Rate: Starting from N45,360

Rated 8.6/10

What guests say: “Clean room, good internet, good service…” “…overall satisfaction guaranteed” “Affordable, clean with beautiful rooms…” “…the hotel had fast service in the morning for quick breakfast…”
Room Rate: Starting from N25,500

Rated 8.6/10

What guests say: “Free Internet was available and the speed was excellent…” “The room is very comfortable and services are commendable…” “single rooms in the main building is pleasant…”
Room Rate: Starting from N8,000

Rated 8.2/10

What guests say: “…Great for wedding shoots too!” “Been a constant lodger with Genesis…Thanks Jumia travel for the vouchers.” “…a really good experience for a Nigerian hotel.” “Good internet, good food and professional staff…”
Room Rate: Starting from N35,000

Rated 8.8/10
What guests say: “this boutique hotel has a touch of class attached to it…” “The hotel is really beautiful as well, their designs and decorations.” “The classic room was spacious, modern, and comfortable…” “Fahrenheit Loft is a lovely hotel and the service was very decent…”
Room Rate: Starting from N22,500

Rated 8.4/10
What guests say: “Classy hotel, lovely location…” “Very classy hotel. Neat, secured…” “…Lovely and very comfortable good services”
Room Rate: Starting from N10, 000

Friday, June 23, 2017

5 Things a Business Traveler Wants from their Hotel

Business travelers find themselves hopping from one city to the other several times a year. Going everywhere there is a deal to be made, sale to make, a negotiation to make, a training, seminar or conference to attend or present in. Usually luxury hotels have all the ends covered in terms of facilities and amenities. But when traveling on a budget, business travelers may not be opportune to get the most out of what they want from their hotel. Business travel can be very demanding. While travelers want these things they do not want them on account of being spoiled. But because at the very least they need these to carry out activities to make their trip a successful one. So these amenities are really just resources and not luxuries. Ideally, Hotels in Maitama Abuja and other similarly visited destinations for business would have these amenities available for travelers.

As expected internet connectivity is one of the most sought after amenities in hotels. Many hotels without Wifi connection in their hotel rooms are losing customers to competitors who have and keep the internet connection fast and strong. The business traveler needs to send emails, access drives and online storage networks, keep up with the news, use his apps, communicate on Slack or Whatsapp with members of his team, there is no negotiating Internet with the business traveler.
Room Service
Because the business traveler is often out having one meeting or the other and would only retreat to his room during breaks or at the end of a long night, it is important to have room service available where he can order a meal and enjoy at the comfort and convenience of his room.
Conference Facilities
This is also a very important essential for the business traveler. A conference facility, meeting rooms, business center where faxing, printing, photocopying are all available, as well as projector and a white board are all part of what the business traveler needs on their trip.
Airport Pick Up and Drop Off
Most times business travelers are not very familiar with the city they are visiting. A hotel that picks up guests from the airport can come in very handy. Sure there is Uber and other ride sharing apps, but if booking your hotel gets me a free airport pick up, why not? Certainly edges you over the competition.
Business travelers also need to relax and unwind. A lounge with different types of drinks, an efficient bar man, cool music and ambiance as well as any other form of entertainment like live bands and karaoke would win over the business traveler any time any day.

How do you know which hotel can provide all of this for you? When you book on hotel booking portals like Jumia Travel, you can filter the hotels you want by price, region and by facilities as well. This would ensure that you have exactly what you are looking for when booking your hotel for your business travel.